Dos and Don’ts of Car Detailing 

Do you own a car? If so, you have probably worked so hard to purchased it. Because of this, you’ve got to do everything you can to make sure it is in great condition. Without a doubt, you are totally committed to your car’s well-being, from washing your car each week to availing of complete detailing service. However, there is one question you need to ask yourself. Are you sure you’re doing the right things to maintain and clean your car? 


Properly cleaning rewards your vehicle with clean interior, a glossy exterior, lowered corrosion, and ideal protection. You know that your car detailing Athens GA had gone wrong if you find scratches on the paint, water spots on the body, and your car still looks dull.  

Here are dos and don’ts of car detailing: 

Do Use a Microfiber Towel when Drying the Car 

If you leave your car to dry under the sun, it can result in watermarks appearing on the surface. Expert detailers utilize a soft microfiber towel to gently and carefully absorb the excess water. Then, they will leave it to naturally dry.  

Don’t Wash with Soap First 

Do you believe that detailers start by applying soap directly to the exterior of your vehicle? Well, you are wrong. The reason for this is that they first use water to wash your car’s exterior. This will get rid of loose dirt from the surface. Next, cleaning solutions and detailing soap are used all over the exterior in the right amounts. This produces a smoother surface. 

Do Utilize a Buffer 

One of the biggest advantages of availing of a detailing service from an expert car detailing company is that they’ve got access to all forms of tools needed to make your car look great. Professionals utilize a buffer when it comes to polishing. This will help them apply evenly the polish on the surface. The buffer applies the correct amount of pressure. It also generates an ideal effect after polishing. You can tell the difference between a car that has been polished with a buffer and a car that’s hand polished. The reason for this is that a buffer helps achieve a more prominent luster and shine.  

Don’t Over-Wax Your Car 

A lot of individuals think their car will be a lot shinier if they use more wax. Well, that isn’t the case. Using excessive wax creates streaks. In addition to that, it also leaves behind unappealing ugly stains requiring rework. Experts detailers believe that less is more.  

Do Use the Correct Soap 

You have probably read a lot of articles online telling you to use dishwashing soap. Well, as the name implies, dishwashing soap is for dirty dishes. They’re made to work on the grease from edibles and food. If you use dishwashing soap on your car, it will strip off the wax. In addition to that, it will tone down the finish of your car. Expert detailers always utilize soaps that are made specifically for cars. They do not use dishwashing soaps.